You'll need to add extra credit to your UK Phone Sim or UK Data Sim Card for the following reasons:

For your UK Phone Sim Card

If you want to call or text an Australian, American or Canadian number, you'll need to add extra credit.  

Click here to go our website recharge page, where you can purchase a recharge voucher in the following amounts £10, £20 or £50.  Our website also tells you what it costs to call or text non-UK numbers.

If you are staying longer than 30 days it costs £20 to renew your plan for a further 30 days (and you'll get a fresh 30 allotment of 12GB data, 300 minutes of calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles, and 3,000 texts to UK mobiles).  Click here to go our website recharge page.

For your UK Data Sim Card

If you use up all 3GB of data you'll need to add extra credit.

It costs £10 for 1GB extra data (valid for 30 days) or £15 for 3GB extra data (valid for 30 days) or £25 for 7GB extra data (valid for 30 days).  Click here to go to our website recharge page.